Ever notice it is getting harder and harder to hire great people?


Then you have probably noticed that the consequences of not hiring great people are getting harder and harder to live with?


You are at the right place!

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8 Keys to Effectively Hire Physician Executives
Stephen Moulton Interviews

Jennifer Grebenschikoff CEO of The
Physician Executive Leadership Center
Hiring a new Chief Medical Officer or other physician executive has some potential bumps in the road that can derail your success and have costly consequences. Learn how to avoid those bumps and smooth the way.

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Executive Selection Coaching

According to the Harvard Business Review 40% of new leaders fail in the first 18 months.
When it comes to hiring, having an effective selection plan is usually low on the priority list.

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Developing Key Leadership Skills


When I speak with potential clients, who want to improve leadership skills in their organization, they fundamentally want to know three (3) things


What will we get when we have worked with you?

What will we be able to DO that we weren’t able to do before?

What will that result in?


First … What will we get when we have worked with you?


Well that depends on the problems you want to solve. For instance:


We both know that quality leaders and employees make a difference.


There are certain Emotional Intelligence and Behavioral Competencies are the foundation effective leadership. There is a different set for individual contributors and hourly employees depending on their jobs.


Whether you want your organization to be more effective in:


hiring great employees,

developing talented leaders,


helping your leaders develop the performance of their employees


we can help.


Many leaders worry about the cost of hiring the wrong leaders and employees, both on the pocketbook and on the company’s performance, culture and morale.


You will get our dedicated attention throughout the duration of the engagement and follow-on support. Simply speaking, your bottom-line results are our objective.


As we begin to work together we will establish outcome expectations you will be able to measure.


Second … What will we be able to DO that we weren’t able to do before?


That depends on what we do together, but here are some potential outcomes:


Improve the reliability of the hiring decisions you and your leaders make from 14% to over 90%.

Reduce turnover by as much as 69%.

Select candidates that actually have the skills to perform at least 50% higher levels.

Cut the time to make great hiring decisions by up to 63%.

Cut the number of people necessary to interview and select new employees and leaders by as much as 76%.

Improve employee and leader productivity by as much as 18%.


Third … What will that result in?


Again that depends.


Could be cost reductions in reduced turnover.


The cost of a bad (entry level employee) hire starts at about 30% of an annual salary whether or not they stay that long.  


The cost of a bad hire of leader typically costs 200% of their annual salary or more. Great leaders do wonderful things for an organization and others that weren’t a fit, cost their organization millions of dollars, destroying the company.


We help leaders reduce the number of bad hires.


Could be increased productivity.


Highly motivated employees that have the right “attitude” and Emotional Intelligence Competencies get tasks done 300% faster than low performing employees.


Improving the performance of 10 employees by just 10% would reduce salary costs by the annual salary/wage of one employee. Multiply that by the number of employees in your whole organization and you save some real money.


Could be improved Leadership Skills that more effectively engage, motivate and grow and develop employees and future leaders.